Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Goregoyles: The Walkers (2007)

aka Goregoyles 2

When their car breaks down, husband and wife bank robbers the Walkers run into the woods hoping to lose the police.  The lone detective chasing them calls for back up and heads into the woods after them.  Shortly afterwards,  another man shows up who is with the police but whose uniform looks more like a security guard.

As it starts to get dark the security guard wants to go back, but the detective says they need to keep going even if they have to spend the nights in the woods.

The detective is kind of an idiot since he's decided to move forward with no food, water, cell phone, radio, or anyway for the police to locate them. Four days later they're still tromping along through the woods, the security guy is whining "I want to go home," and they haven't caught the robbers yet.  No one shall ask why after four days I'm the woods neither man has grown any facial hair.

Along with this cops and robbers story, there is the legend of the Moss Man.  Stories are that a man wandered into the woods, sat on a rock and never left.  Moss grew up around him and eventually in him. Now he wanders the woods looking for a soul in any animals he finds.  I guess this is the horror part of the movie, except that he only appears once and he's only briefly mentioned prior to that.

Ridiculous dialogue - 
"We've got eight bullets. Maybe we can shot some food."

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