Wednesday, November 27, 2013

100 Bloody Acres (2012)

Reg and Lindsay own an organic fertilizer operation which has found it's niche by using a special ingredient - the bodies of car  accident victims found alongside the road.

Reg is hauling a load of fertilizer when he runs across James, Wesley, and Sophie whose car has broken down on the way to a concert.  While he refuses their initial request to give them a ride, Reg is smitten with Sophie and ends up going back to pick them up.

With only room for one more in the cab of the truck, Sophie sits in the front with Reg while James and Wesley sit on the fertilizer bags in the truck, unaware that there is a corpse hidden under them.

When Reg figures out what they've discovered the body, he has no choice except to drive to the farm with the intent of making them part of the next batch of fertilizer, which of course is not part of the kids plans.

The rest of the movie involves the kids trying to escape, along with Reg trying to get out from under brother Lindsay's bullying and figure out which path to take with Sophie - kill her or let her go.

This one isn't in a class with Tucker and Dale, but it's a decent movie with some laughs.

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