Friday, November 29, 2013

Grabbers (2012)

Lisa Nolan, an officer sent in to cover for a vacationing officer, meets Ciaran, the only other officer on duty who wishes she weren't there and meets her exuberance with drunken disdain. Lisa is used to the big city so this sleepy little coastal town doesn't seem like it should be any problem.

But soon strange things start occurring, local fishermen disappear, and the town drunk finds a weird creature which he keeps in the bathtub until it gets crazy on him so he contacts the police.  When the officers and town drunk bring it to the local scientist, he proclaims it a new life form. Everyone is happy until they realize the egg they found couldn't have come from the creature on the table due to a discrepancy in the size. Uh oh.

A search reveals a much large creature and in order to keep the locals safe, the officers must convince everyone to go into the pub for the night.  They've discovered the reason the town drunk survived is because the creature hates alcohol. So the only way to fight it is to keep everyone smashed, which isn't the most conducive to proper thinking.

Over all it was amusing and there were some funny scenes. The tone is more like older movies, and is more akin to Tremors.  Enjoyable but not as funny as I'd hoped.

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