Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cutthroat Alley (2003)

Jacobs is having a party at his mom's house to celebrate being accepted to college. He's invited his boyeez to the party because they always have his back.  But you know those gang bangers aren't going to be cool with a normal party, and when Jacobs tutor accidentally bangs into one of the guys, they punch the poor kid out. Aw yeah.

Jacob's is a bit worried there may be more trouble because his buddy Bones, who was recently released from jail, used to date Jacob's girlfriend.... .in Junior High. Yeah, because you know how hard it is when your ex from junior high starts dating someone else five years after you broke up. Damn. That's harsh, girl.

Meanwhile the town is gripped by terror because there's a killer on the loose whose cutting people with a huge knife.  Jacobs theorizes it's got to be a white guy since a brother would just use a gun.  But suspicion soon turns to Jacobs as the murder victims are all people he knows.

Even though everyone is afraid of the serial killer on the loose, most of the characters leave their doors open or unlocked. This wouldn't be good even if there weren't a killer since there are gangs in the area.  The other strange thing in this film is no one seems to have much of a reaction to their friends deaths.  One girls boyfriend is killed in her bedroom and she barely mentions it, and continues in her daily activities.

I'm not sure if it was because we watched a bunch of terrible movies before this one, but it didn't seem half bad.  It's not a good movie by any means, but I've seen worse.

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