Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snow White: A Deadly Summer (2012)

After being arrested for joy riding in a stolen car, Snow White's father and evil stepmother (played by Eric Roberts and Maureen McCormick) send her off to a camp for out of control teens run by a former Navy Seal.  Eve, the stepmother, talks to herself in the mirror and wants Snow out of the way so she can monopolize her husbands time.

They may have wanted to check out this camp a little more in depth. The only building appears to be the camp office which has a huge deck.  The little delinquents are provided with daily medication and spend the nights in sleeping bags outdoors.  Their days consist of doing calisthenics (watch for the one girl who doesn't know how to do jumping jacks), moving rocks, and collecting firewood.  There is only one other employee besides the former Navy Seal, and when campers start turning up dead, not only do they decide to cover it up, but they continue having the kids sleep outside.

While the kids eat their meager lunches, one mentions there's a legend that twenty five year ago this used to be a summer camp.  But it was closed down after a camper killed another camper.  In true spooky story tradition, no one ever caught the murderer and some say she still lives in the woods.

Snow is having nightmares where she sees her fellow campers death and she's seeing someone in a hoodie hiding behind trees. Is she hallucinating or is this person real? Is it the murderer who was never found, come back to murder some more kids?

Well the first thing you need to know is that other than the lead character being named Snow White and having an evil stepmother, this has nothing to do with the fairy tale.  Second, it's a David DeCoteau film.  Enough said.

Snow's house is the same all white home used in DeCoteau's other recent movies.  The night scenes are filmed during the day.  The deaths all occur off screen and there is no blood or any marks on the bodies. The outfit provided to all the kids at the camp is a black tshirt, and they all wear jeans.  It's a typical DeCoteau film with lots of filler and not much of a story.

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