Monday, November 4, 2013

The Ridge (2005)

Overbearing Noah invites his girlfriend, a couple of friends, and his annoying brother Brett up to the family cabin for the weekend. The group arrive to find the last people who rented the place didn't clean up before the left.

Later that night after everything is clean, the group sits around drinking and talking, and Brett gets on everybodies nerves.  Brett and Ian both tell stories about the Ridge Runner. Legend has it that he lived in the area and considered the land his own. So when families built houses on the land, he killed them. Oh and coincidentally their house is right in the same area.

Soon the bickering brothers and the other uninteresting characters have discovered a dead body in the pool and decide it's a good idea to get the heck out of there. Except Brett has moped off into the woods after getting in an argument with Noah and no one can find him.

There's nothing compelling about this film. The first half of the movie is the kids bickering and annoying the viewer.  The characters aren't particularly endearing, and there's no explanation why the Ridge Runner is killing people or if it's just a coincidence that a serial killer has chosen their home.

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