Thursday, November 7, 2013

Howling III: The Marsupials (1987)

Good job, Howling III, what were you thinking? Marsupial werewolves? Admit it - you just wanted to film in Australia so you slapped a pouch on a werewolf.

After Jerboa runs away from her werewolf family who live in the outback she ends up in the big city where she sits on a park bench until she's discovered by Donny, who works in the movie business.   When Donny sees her on that bench, he stops his car, and convinces her to be in the film he's working on.

After a few days working on the movie (and sleeping with Donny), the film wraps and there is a big after party complete with flashing lights. Apparently werewolf don't only turn at the full moon, they also change from flashing lights.  To avoid becoming a werewolf, Jerboa runs out of the party and is hit by a car.  At the hospital, doctors discover her anatomy isn't normal, and also note that she appears to be pregnant.  Somehow the wolf pack tracks her down, murders those who are in their way, and takes Jerboa back to her hometown.

When the police question Donny, he proves to be an atypical man. Most twenty something guys who slept with a girl they'd known for only a few days would be horrified to find out she was pregnant. But Donny doesn't even blink an eye when he's told he's going to be a father, and by the way, your child is a wolf. Even when he reunites with Jerboa and sees their little wolf baby in Jerboa's hairy pouch, he is abnormally happy. Blurgh!

This is one strange movie and not at all scary.  People turn into werewolves with big heads and there is an annoying Russian Ballerina who is from a different wolf clan.  Also the wolves claim they only kill to protect themselves.  So why did they kill the doctors? They could have just pushed the doctors out of the way rather than kill them. Plus the Ballerina becomes a wolf during a performance and kills her partner. What's up with that?

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