Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College (1990)

I was very excited to find this 8 pack because its all 80s and 90s horror films, as opposed to the majority of horror packs that are new, crappy, amateur, no budget films that are pretty much unwatchable.  I was even more excited when I saw the Vestron logo on the screen. When rental stores were getting rid of their VHS tapes, I used to haunt Ebay for Vestron titles because there was a good chance it would some b-movie fun.  This one though....

This is essentially a comedy about two frats competing to win the prank crown on campus, while the Ghoulies go crazy and do evil things.  It's got all the cliches you could want, by the numbers comedy, and a few deaths thrown in.  I don't remember any blood in the entire film.

A frat boy finds an old comic and begins reading a verse out loud, which is the beginning of the spell to summon the Ghoulies, who rise out of an ornate toilet in the frat bathroom.  After a professor confiscates the comic during class, the professor ends up flipping through it one night after grading exams. While reciting the verse within, he  calls forth the Ghoulies, even though the prof is in his office and the Ghoulies toilet is in the frat house.

Instead of being scary, the puppet Ghoulies are right out of an old Three Stooges short. In fact they even do a line from the Niagara Falls routine, "Slowly I turn...."  They spout quips and you can guess the obvious punch lines even before they say them.  After makes jokes, they vandalize things on campus and the frats get blamed.

Since this is essentially a teen comedy you can expect the typical cliches, such as: a rivalry between an  uptight rich frat and a screw up frat; lots of pranks (which they refer to as yanks); a competition over a girl;  a screw up who learns what's really important in life;  a dean who hates the screw ups; the rich frat who sets up the screw ups to try to get them expelled; and all the kids like to party.

It's a silly comedy which isn't any funnier than any other average college frat comedy that came in the wake of Animal House.
Jason Scott Lee as the Asian guy who's into his stereo system
Matthew Lillard as nerd with bowtie, briefcase, and glasses strap
Patrick Labyorteaux as cool guy Mookie

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