Friday, February 14, 2014

Monstroid: It Came from the Lake (1980)

aka Monster

Durado Cement Plant in Columbia is owned by a US corporation and disposes of it's waste in local waterways.  They try to keep it under wraps but annoying ace reporter Patty Clark is giving the company bad press by reporting on what is actually happening.  So sexist company man Mr. Barnes (who I'm pretty sure keeps  putting his hand on his secretary's ass) sends Bill Travis to check on the situation.

Meanwhile Glenn and his sister (the children of the writer/director) set out to prove they really did see a monster by bringing a camera to the beach and using sonar to call the monster.  Not the best idea, since it's a huge creature with sharp teeth, but what the heck, kids do stupid things.

The monster kills people, Glenn's hair changes length, John Carradine preaches, and Jim Mitchum wears sunglasses and a gold pendant.  All of this is surrounded by a whole lot of nothing.

The movie says it's based on a true story. Really?  If you're talking about a Columbian river being polluted by a US plant, then I'll buy it. But if you're saying that there was a huge monster and you tried to get rid of it by dragging a poor sheep filled with dynamite over the surface of the ocean, then I'll have to pass.

Ridiculous Dialogue:

"You know how they are out here - easily influenced." wife of some bigshot, who also calls the natives backwards

"...couldn't we trap it or shoot it, or blow it up?" - Bill Travis

"It's as big as a whale!" - Bill Travis, (only funny because it reminds me of Fred Schneider of the B 52's singing Love Shack)

Hey movie, why the quotation marks?
Always good to include your actors head shot in the film
Nothing awkward here
How did they even get this stuff out there?
He's no Magnum P.I.
Pete's beautiful charcoal hobo beard
They put her on the OUTSIDE of the helicopter?!
Their brilliant plan includes a helicopter and bait
Looks like Glenn grew up during the filming

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