Saturday, February 15, 2014

Panic (1982)

After an accident in the lab, Dr. Adams and the guinea pig disappear.  His assistants aren't concerned about Adams as he could have gone fishing. They're more concerned about the guinea pig that, due to the experimental serum, could have increased in size to be bigger than a lion.

Meanwhile there's a killer on the loose who is slashing up whoever he can get his hands on, or is it get his paws on?  Dr. Adams assistants neglect to mention the guinea pig to the police, who are too busy searching for Adams to look for the potentially giant beastie anyway.

Soon the town's phone and TV signals are cut off by the military, and everyone starts going stir crazy.  They all want out of town but there's a roadblock, and the head of the lab is making mysterious phone calls regarding eliminating the contagion since if it gets out of town no one will be safe.

Also they bring up Plan Q, which involves the total destruction of everyone and everything in the town.  Not sure how they're going to get away with that, but if your top secret experiment involves destroying an entire town as a way of containment, then you damn well better be more careful regarding lab safety.

This is one of those horror movies where there's lots of boring talk, but not much action and very little monster.  On the plus side there is a teenager wearing a cravat who is never mentioned again after his appearance, and one of the main characters is named Captain Kirk.

Ridiculous dialogue:
Captain Kirk - You're not alone, are you?
Sergeant - I'm sorry, but I only have two men under me. I'm chasing a homicidal maniac.

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