Monday, February 24, 2014

Zombie Hunter (2013)

Wow, not much of a plot in this one.  Hunter drives around killing zombies because he's filled with hate. After being shot by  other survivors, who tend to his wound once they realize he's not a zombie (which they could have figured out since he was driving a freakin' car at at the time), he ends up bunking with them since his car is a wreck.

We start with six survivors besides Hunter, but as they try to escape the zombies who are overrunning their hideout, people start dropping like flies. Danny Trejo is a bad ass preacher with a huge ax.  There is also a nice girl and her teenage brother, a sleazy girl who knows how to use a stripper pole (why would that even in the warehouse breakroom?), a stupid fat guy, and a guy I can't even remember.

The movie starts with brief mention of a drug that people shoot up, which seems to be the cause of the zombie outbreak, but it isn't really mentioned again.  There is a confusing point where a teen peruses an adult magazine and a light the color of zombie blood shines on him. Wait, so reading adult mags makes you a zombie?  What's the significance of this? Apparently nothing since it doesn't factor into the story again.

So if you like to see people running from zombies and killing zombies, without really any other plot points, and a shirtless Danny Trejo waving a huge ax, then this is the movie for you. Hmm, that actually makes it sound better than it was.

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