Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sexy Evil Genius (2013)

Three strangers find themselves in a bar waiting for Nikki, who turns out to be everyones ex-girlfriend.  While swapping stories about their past relationships and what they know about Nikki, one reveals that Nikki had been in jail for murdering her last boyfriend.

When Nikki finally shows up, she brings her new boyfriend who is also her lawyer and got her off the murder charges by pretending she was insane.  The three ex's are partly glad to see Nikki since she has some sort of charisma that makes them still care for her but they're also scared of what she's planning because she's definitely not right in the head.  As the night goes on and Nikki talks, they start thinking she may be planning to kill them.

The description of this one sounded interesting, but it wasn't what I expected. It basically takes place in a bar, other than flashbacks during their stories, and is mostly people sitting around a table talking.  Now I don't mind this if it keeps my interest, but for the most part, the characters aren't very likable, especially Nikki.

The thing that I found most interesting was the extra feature about the screenwriter, Scott Lew.  Around ten years ago he was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrigs disease.  It's a brutal disease that paralyzes the entire body to the point that a ventilator is required to breathe, but it doesn't affect the intellect or the senses.

The documentary called Jujitsuing Reality deals with how he writes his scripts since he is unable to move or speak, as well as his life with the disease. It's really fascinating and the guy has a great sense of humor.

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