Friday, February 7, 2014

Murder Weapon (1989)

With her hair in pig tails and books cradled in her arms, little Dawn  walks home from school and innocently drinks a big glass of milk. Is she supposed to be twelve or a super innocent teen?  Then she walks through the backyard to a bedroom with a glass wall and catches her sister having sex with a creep with a bad mullet.  This leads little Dawn to freak out, get naked and kill her sister. Then she gets in the shower with the creepy guy before killing him too. Good god, I sure hope she wasn't supposed to be twelve.

While in the loony bin, Dawn becomes best friends with another patient named Amy.  Both are told they're super messed up but manage to get released via blackmailing the psychiatrists.   Sunning by the pool, they decide to throw the best party in the world since Amy's parents are away. Again, how old are these girls supposed to be?  Because they're talking like they're teens, but the guys they invite are out of college.

The killer party consists of Amy, Dawn, and six guys they used to date.  Everyone whoops it up when they bring out the radio  -a small portable, countertop model with a single speaker.  The two girls go off with the guys they like to have sex leaving the rest of the guys sitting around by themselves. There's not much going on, but no one leaves. The guys wait for the girls to come back and sit by the pool drinking, toss the football around, or sit on the couch watching tv.

Finally someone gets their head smashed in by a murder weapon, namely a sledgehammer. After several of the guys are killed, one realizes something's going on and wants out of there. But is it an intruder or one of the partiers that's doing hte killings?

Most noteworthy thing about this film, beside Linnea Quigley, is that Eric Freeman aka Ricky "Garbage Day!" Caldwell from Silent Night Deadly Night 2, is one of the guys at the party. He doesn't overact but he has disturbingly short shorts on.

There's a ton of padding in the film, nonsensical dialogue, long scenes where people talk about uninteresting subjects, and the all guys have mullets.   The cool guy in the metal band looks like a dorky Alice Cooper and has a blue jean wedgie most of the time. There's no real plot other than guys come to a party thrown by insane girls they used to date and then they die.

Also of note is that the version on the DVD appears to be taken from a VHS tape. The picture actually gets snowy and rolls at one point. Later a blue screen comes up like when you're taping from one VHS deck to another.

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