Friday, February 28, 2014

Bad Milo (2013)

Nice guy Duncan visits the Doctor and finds out he has a stress related intestinal issue that requires surgery.  He's advised to avoid all stress since that will aggravate his condition. Unfortunately for Duncan this turns out to be the week that each day brings unexpected changes at work, problems with his family, and the discovery that there is something more than stress causing his painful bathroom visits.

It turns out that Duncan has a monster of sorts living inside him (which he names Milo). Since Milo lives in his intestines, you can guess where he's going to come out.  When he gets stressed, Milo appears and goes after whoever is causing the stress.

The humor in the film is hit or miss. There are some really funny parts and other parts that are just ehhh.  There's a reoccurring joke that people are being killed by raccoons, which is pretty funny especially since the first guy is killed in an office building.

The music is right out of a 1980s movie and the little monster, although a vicious killer, is adorable. It's got big black eyes and when it blinks it's so cute.  There's a great cast, standouts being Ken Marino whose very likable as Duncan, Toby Huss as the Doctor, Peter Stormare as the Psychiatrist, and Patrick Warburton who's great in everything he does. 
The cuddly, cut Milo
The killer Milo

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