Monday, December 9, 2013

Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

Brothers Eli and Josh are placed with a loving couple in Chicago.  Apart from culture shock and massive trauma from the Gatlin corn killings, it seems like a different environment would be a good idea. There they no longer have to worry about He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Instead they just need to watch out for the 1990s urban youths who only care about their hip hop and their drugs.  What a trade off.

While Josh tries to fit in and make friends, young Eli doesn't cotton to the city and it's non-corn ways. So he plants some kernels in an abandoned building next door, the magic corn begins to grow, Eli kills a drifter and starts building a child army of urban kids.

So, does anyone screen the children from Gatlin before they put them in a new home?  The kids killed their parents and worshipped a demon in a corn field. Surely that is not a prime candidate for a happy household, especially when placed with white bread urban people who seem incapable of handling difficult children. Perhaps the children should get some major therapy before ever being unleashed on the world outside their corn death town.

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