Saturday, December 28, 2013

Troll (1986)

The Potter family moves into a new apartment and while everyone is bringing in boxes, little Wendy manages to get abducted by a troll in the basement.  Don't you hate when that happens?

No one notices Wendy is gone since the troll has a magic ring and turns himself into Wendy's doppelganger.  But everyone thinks Wendy is acting up since she's growling, running around like a crazy person, and eating like a beast. She's a royal pain in the ass and an embarrassment when she does strange things to or around the new neighbors. But mom and dad are overwhelmed and just sort of shrug as if to say, what's up with her?

Soon older brother Harry figures out that something is seriously wrong with Wendy. After watching some sci fi on TV he begins to think she's not really Wendy at all, but an alien. Close enough, but who is going to believe him?

Luckily he's moved into the only apartment in the city which has a witch waiting to stop the troll when he makes his attempt at taking over the world.  The weird thing is that the troll takes over all the apartments except hers and the Potters before she decides to do anything about it. Not sure if that's the best idea for someone who's spent centuries being the guardian against this sort of thing, but oh well. She's got Harry to help her fight the troll and his little minions who are sprouting up in all the apartments.

This isn't a scary film and it's pretty silly at times. There are little troll and goblin puppets, and some are quite cute. Sony Bono melts after being touched by the troll, and that's kind of yucky.  The movie is entertaining enough, especially if you like 1980s movies. You don't need to watch it to understand Troll 2 since they don't seem to have anything to do with each other.

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