Friday, December 6, 2013

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)

It's a really bad sign when a totally reasonable reaction to the  scene before the credits is, "Whaaaat?" Things get barely  coherent after the credits, but that's kind of what makes this movie interesting.

Dr. Prell and his students - all four of them - are going on an expedition to try to prove the existence of Bigfoot.  Oddly enough none of them seem too concerned that the last group of  students who went on this trip with Prell were slaughtered, except for the lone survivor who is now insane.

Prell takes his favorite student Keith out to a dinner, creepily orders a special item not on the menu, and has an uncomfortable rape-y vibe to everything he says.

The other students head to a hip party across town, which takes an awkward turn when Spence, the crazy survivor from Prells last trip hears that he is taking more students to the woods. "No more field trips!" he crazily yells as everyone stares at him and wonders why his girlfriend is wearing a crocheted hat, as well as why she brought him to such a fab party since he's a total downer.

Not scared away by Mr. Crazy, the next day the group gets a warning from an old man while driving in a decalled van (it's right out of Scooby Doo). Then meet up with Carl, another creepy professor, who lives in the house, and is an old friend of Dr. Prell. Carl has a mute Native American butler/servant/wierdo who is often lacking a shirt, and that's not a good thing.  Soon the expedition is in full swing and as you might expect, things go horribly wrong.

This is one crazy flick.  You've got a Yeti running out of a building to jump on someone, a girl who sleeps in her oversized glasses, two creepy professors, a song in the credits titled Love Shriek, and a Yeti in the woods who can only be described as frolicking, which is not frightening at all. There's a twist ending, lots of bad decor, bad haircuts, and a dying woman drags herself to the tub to laboriously  push a toaster into it, thus killing her crazy attacker who is taking a semi-clothed bath while drinking a beer.

Ridiculous dialogue:

"He does carry on about that episode. I suppose it was dreadful." (a partygoer referring to Spence, the only survivor of an animal attack which killed all the other students on the college field trip)

"It's too high pitched for a grizzly bear. It's too raccous for a moose." ( it must be Bigfoot?)

"I need solid proof that the Yeti exists. My entire reputation is at stake in this...." - Prell, (who would much rather chance being arrested for the disappearance of yet another class of students than not get his Yeti proof. And what kind of a reputation is he worried about since he's known as the Yeti guy?)

At least they used a cool font
Okay, good to know that we're looking for
something that could easily rip our limbs off.
Our crack team of Bigfoot/Yeti researchers
Bonk! Low hanging light and long corridor alert.
His craziness is overshadowing my macrame hat.
And he died with a mouthful of bubbles, blech! 
Is that Fred in the Mystery Machine chatting up
Old man Carruthers?
They can't bear to look at his awkwardly tight pants.
There is no explanation
Mute friendly Indian hippie servant?
Nope, this guy is definitely a problem.
Nice purple hair, professor
According to this map drawn by my five years old,
we're right about here. 
Yeti attack!
Pretty in Pink... channeling Molly Ringwald
before there was such a thing.
Cover his hand with make up... fur... anything.

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