Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mask of Death (1996)

Lorenzo Lamas stars as Mason, a Russian killer with a heart of ice, and Lorenzo Lamas stars as McKenna, an easy going cop with a mullet, bushy mustache, and a nose and chin made of putty. So it should be easy to press him back together when he gets shot in the face.

During a deal gone wrong and an FBI sting, killer Mason and gangster DeLeo drive a power boat onto the shore near McKenna, his wife, his partner, and a friend. This meeting results in the death of his friend, wife, and Mason, and leaves McKenna with a bullet to the face.

When DeLeo's lawyer mistakes the facially injured McKenna for Mason, the FBI come up with the brilliant idea that since McKenna needs plastic surgery anyway, he should get his face done to look like Mason. Then he can go undercover to impersonate Mason since it's a matter of national security.

McKenna agrees because he wants to get DeLeo, who is responsible for his wifes death.  So McKenna goes under the knife, comes out looking like Mason, and proves to be the worst undercover agent ever. Instead of being the Russian killer with ice in his veins, he tries to help people. He knocks over a guy on crutches and asks if he's okay. He balks at killing someone who DeLeo says squealed to the cops because he wants proof that he squealed. More importantly, Mason's girlfriend says McKenna is a fraud after spending a night in the sack with him.

Yup, this is one stupid, but entertaining movie.

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