Friday, December 20, 2013

Shake, Rattle, and Roll 9 (2007)

Another DVD from the search for a new Christmas horror story - this is an anthology made up of three stories, but only the first is about the holiday.

Christmas Tree
After an accident claims the life of the father, a mother and her children travel to grandmothers house for Christmas.  Uncle has purchased a one of a kind Christmas tree, which everyone enjoys.  The problem is the tree is alive and it's hungry.  I liked the evil eyes looking out of the branches, but once it starts killing, it no longer looks like a Christmas tree. The change in appearance is never explained.

Marionne is in love with Jerome who works for her. Too bad since Jerome just announced he is getting married tomorrow.  So Marionne decides to use a spell to get Jerome's affections. The spell will make them dream about each other, but if they don't wake up before the candle burns out, they will never leave the  dream.  Now Marionne and Jerome are being stalked by a figure in a red cloak, which Marionne relates to her grandfather since she believes his nightmares killed him.

A tour bus gets lost on an isolated road while trying to get a band to their next show. When they stop to ask directions at a small store, a drunken man sitting nearby warns them to watch out for the enchantress in the woods. She stole his son, and will soon take them.  No one pays much attention to him, but soon their bus runs out of gas and set off walking to find help.  When they stumble upon an old resort, they are optimistic but no one is there. Soon strange things start happening and a strange lady appears. Sadly enough, they don't realize that when a strange lady suddenly shows up at an obviously long abandoned resort, it is most likely the enchantress and not a good idea to follow her around.

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