Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)

After the nightmare of tracking down Jack Frost - a serial killer who became a killer snowman when he was accidentally sprayed with liquid used for experimental genetic research - small town Sheriff Sam and his wife head to the Bahamas for a little vacation and to attend the wedding of Marla, his co-worker.

Sam's wife is tired of hearing his continued worries about Jack and whether he is really dead or not. She just wants him to relax in the tropical paradise and forget everything that's happened. Sam finds that hard to do, and it becomes even harder when he runs into Agent Manners, who worked the killer snowman case,  has retired to the Bahamas, and is the hotel detective.

And of course where there's science, there's an accident waiting to happen. Dead snowman Jack is brought back to life again, and since Jack's whole purpose is revenge, he travels down to the Bahamas, where no one would ever expect a snowman to go. And just as no one believed Jack existed previously, no one believes he exists again. And let's face it, who would believe there is a killer snowman in the tropics?

Besides Jack, there are little killer snowballs with long teeth. There are also a lot of icicle deaths and bad comedy. I saw this years ago and thought it was funny. I didn't enjoy it so much this time. But then again, it's a killer snowman and killer snowballs. So it's go that going for it.

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