Monday, December 30, 2013

The Colony (2013)

After an apocalypse that left the world covered with snow and ice, small pockets of survivors exist in under ground buildings.  When Colony 7 gets a distress call from Colony 5 and can't get in touch with anyone, they decide to send a search party.

When the three man team arrives, they find lots of blood and a seemingly deserted station. After hearing banging and locating a locked room, they pick the lock and find a lone man inside.

The survivor states that their colony had picked up a broadcast from people who were in an area without snow. They had sun and soil, but no seeds to plant for food.  When his colony sent a party looking for it, they found no one, but something followed them when they came back home. Oh yes, and he was not the one doing the banging.  In fact he's hiding and won't leave the room.

The rest of the movie involves meeting the menace that attacked the colony and trying to get home without leading it back to their own colony. It's kind of slow to build up to where the team is in trouble. Before that it is a fairly standard plot. There's trouble in their own colony with one guy getting more militant and less compassionate about anyone who gets sick since it puts the rest at risk for survival.

There's not a lot of action until the last third of the movie. The first part is introducing the main characters and showing the splintering of the colony's vision with characters starting to go rogue. No one can ever get along after the apocalypse, can they? Overall it's not great, but okay. The menace they face is kind of stupid and so is their plan of resistance. There's some nicely done green screen work, which is evident if you watch any of the Making of... video.

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