Monday, December 16, 2013

Gallowwalkers (2012)

Gunfighter Aman has a problem.  When he kills people, they come back from the dead as supernatural beings who need the skin of the living to avoid looking like the muscle models you'd see in biology class.

Since Aman is cursed and his bullets won't put them down, he picks a guy with a bad blond wig to fight along side him to make sure the gang stays dead. (I really kept hoping the wig would come off with the hat, just for my own amusement.)

Kansa, head of the gang of undead thugs, ends up in a town where a Sheriff and albino populace exact justice by hanging everyone who is shipped to town.  Why Kansa goes there, I have no idea - unless he was there when Aman shot him, but honestly I don't know because there's a lack of clarity in this movie.

There are some visually stunning shots, especially at the beginning of the film when the three men in red dusters are in the bright desert sun.  Also on the plus side - scenes right out of Mortal Kombat where Aman rips off a head which comes off with bloody spine attached, and Kansa before he grabs someones skin and is just muscle. On the other side, there are tons of bad wigs throughout the film, and a story that is confusing and disappointing in execution.

Too many questions - why does Aman leave for five years after finding out his woman is pregnant from being assaulted by a gang? What kind of man does that?  Why does he pick blond Fabulos to be his partner? Who is Fabulos? How does Aman know Fabulos can even shoot straight?  Who the hell is the prostitute and why is she even in this film?  Why is there a town of albinos?  And who is transporting all these prisoners to the albino death town where the Sheriff hangs them without a trial? Why did one of the gang pick two iguana tails to put on the back of his head?  What the hell is going on here?

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