Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Alpha Incident (1978)

Scientists examine a mystery substance brought back from Mars and decide the safest way to determine if it's dangerous is to inject it into small animals.  After things don't turn out so well, they decide the substance should be moved to a safer location.  So they decide to transport it... by train... with one biologist to check on it every few hours.... and a nosy railroad worker. You know right where this is going.

It's kind of a scifi version of Night of the Living Dead, except totally uninteresting. There's a group of people quarantined inside a train station waiting to see if they'll get rescued by the authorities  before something kills them.  I've seen enough movies to know it's never a good idea to rely on the military or the government to keep you safe if there's a possibility of some sort of outbreak.

This is really only of note because it's a film by Bill Rebane, who may be best known for MST3K's take on his film, The Giant Spider Invasion.

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