Monday, September 29, 2014

Bay Coven (1987)

To celebrate her promotion, Linda and her husband Jerry go out to a happening club with their friend Slater. The club is packed and they end up smooshed into a table with a gregarious young couple who live on an island and highly recommend moving there. I'm not into overly friendly people who want me to move somewhere near them after we've just met, but Jerry thinks it's a great idea.

Linda isn't too keen on it since they have a cool multi-level loft in a prime location.  But Jerry's tired of his white collar job and wants to get back to working with his hands, and he doesn't care if it takes Linda an extra 45 minutes to get to work. So he pushes his longing for a life change and Linda agrees to see an available property for sale.

It's rare that homes are available since they're usually passed down through families.  The house is being sold by a widow who says the upkeep is too much since her husband died.  There's a guest house in the back where she plans on living. Wait, what? The purchase of the home includes an old lady?  Yeah, I think I'll pass.  Surprisingly this doesn't deter Jerry and Linda, and they make an offer. Soon they're moved in and the old lady is constantly wandering in and out of their home, and turning away their guests. Nothing awkward about that.

Linda beings to think something weird is going on and the neighbors seem strange. When Slater visits, he agrees.  Jerry is so enthralled with the island and fixing up the house that he sides with the neighbors rather than Linda.  No one questions that graveyard is in beach sand, not the best place to bury bodies.  Even more alarming is that while Jerry arrived at the island clean shaven, he's now sporting a goatee. And we all know what a goatee means, don't we evil Captain Kirk?

This is a made for TV movie, so there's not any blood and it's not going to hit the creep factor that other movies would.  The leads are played by Tim Matheson and Pamela Sue Martin, who will always be Eric Stratton from Animal House and Nancy Drew to me. Yup, sounds like I'm stuck in the 70s.

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