Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Seance: The Summoning (2011)

Joey, Marcus, Sara and Eva take a video camera into the morgue where Marcus works security.  They are there to make the best documentary ever, although it's purpose is never established.

Eva claims she is a medium, but Joey doesn't believe it and dares her to prove it.  Eva agrees to contact her grandmother and admonishes everyone to make sure they don't break the circle once the spirit arrives.

Shortly after they make contact, Eva realizes it's not her grandmother and when things escalate, Joey breaks the circle.  This allows a demon to take possession of one of the group, and things go down hill from there as they discover they are locked in for the night.

By the time this movie was over, I was wondering if perhaps this was a Christian horror movie.  There is an awful lot of bible reading in this movie.  I realize there tends to be bible reading or references in possession movies, but this is a whole lot of bible passages that go on for way too long.  My friend said it reminded him of the cautionary hell houses some extreme churches have at Halloween, except in a film version.  Blah, not recommended.

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