Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kill Zombie! (2012)

Office worker Aziz is excited about a date with his dream girl from the office, but is fired due to his brothers constant phone calls about a big party happening right that minute, and the boss's jealousy about his date. So Aziz goes to the party, where his brother gets in a fight after an unfortunate accident with a ball that hits the homeowners girlfriend in the head.

Azia, his brother Mo, and the two guys they were fighting are arrested and locked up overnight. The next day they find the cell doors open and the police station appears to have been abandoned.  Outside they find the city in shambles. Cars are overturned, there's smoke pouring out of buildings on the other side of town, and there an old lay in a wheelchair who's trying to bite them.

Turns out that a Russian space station has fallen to Earth on top of the high rise where Aziz worked, and a virus has been unleashed on the town.  Kim, the lone surviving cop, gets them back in the station to watch the news.  They discover the town is being quarantined and all survivors are urged to get to the safe zone where the Army is located.

But Aziz has numerous messages on his cell phone from his dream girl, who is hiding in the office with zombies roaming the hallways.  Aziz tries to convince everyone to rescue her, but most of the others decide to rob a bank since everyone in town seems to be a zombie.  Kim isn't enamored with either idea and wants to head to the safe zone.  Can they survive the zombies and will they stick together?

I hadn't heard anything about this, but saw it on the shelf of my local independent store. So I figured I'd give it a try since it was made in the Netherlands and about zombies.  In a slightly different take, the virus apparently comes from the green slime and there is green slime in those who have turned into zombies. Now I thought they'd said that people turned into zombies after coming in contact with the slime, but either I was mistaken or there's a continuity issue because every time they kill zombies, they get covered in green.

Although it's a comedy, I didn't think it was funny. It looks good and was done well, but not something I would watch again.  It was average.

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