Thursday, September 25, 2014

Psyclops (2002)

The trailer claims he is "half man, half video camera and totally deranged." Well, we'll see.

Shep Franco, also known as Shemp, carries his video camera with him everywhere. It's super annoying.  He plans to tape everything he sees for an entire year.  He's already got 600 hours of video and anyone who wants to see it has to watch everything he's taped. No editing for Shemp!  So yeah, that's going to be tedious to watch.

Shemp has a source for old video tapes to use for his project.  Sometimes they have interesting videos already on them.  Like the one with the footage from an 1867 film which has sound and is about a scientist who says he invented talking movies, and is convinced there are multiple dimensions.  He's built a machine to be able to access these other dimensions, and here it goes. Bzzzt!

Shemp and his friends decide to find out what happened to the machine, and visit the house where the man used to live. It's still in the family and his descendent lives there. She's a wicca and is not happy about Shemp's constant video taping, especially since she told him not to do it. Through Shemp's annoying snooping, they locate the damn thing which is surprisingly none the worse for wear.

Well if you find a dimensional time machine, there's nothing you can do but try it out.  His friends aren't too sure that's a good idea, but Shemp's an idiot so he has to try it and get the results on video for posterity.  As is to be expected, things go horribly wrong and Shemp's camera melts into his face. Hurrah!  Oh wait, that just makes him more annoying and somehow evil.  Plus strange little monsters come through the other dimension, and that's not good for anyone.

You'd think once he gets made into the man-camera creature featured on the cover that would be a big part of the story line. Nope. It's inconsequential.  Anything could have been melded to his face. It wouldn't make a difference. Guess he should be glad he wasn't carrying a telescope or a megaphone.

Plus Shemp is kind of a dickweed so you don't really care all that much when he's scared for life.  Yup,  evil camera faced Shemp is still taping everything. I'm surprised they didn't slap a goatee on him since he's evil now and there's another dimension involved.
The mad scientist and his fabulous machine
Shemp and his camera - get used to seeing this a lot
Love those experiments on video from 1867
See the heart pounding action of VHS viewing
Yup, all you need is goggles to protect you from
a mad scientists experiment from 1867
Strange lights projecting a whirlpool from the machine?
Nothing could possibly go wrong.
Arrgggh! Bug on my face!
First thing to do after getting a camera melded to your
face? Bring the dead back to life.
Nothing to see here.
Shemp is not part of the video. He's in your TV!

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