Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Haunt (2013)

The Asher family moves into a large home that is rumored to be haunted. The parents don't put no store in things like that, so they're the perfect people to buy the haunted house.  Based on the opening scene,  we  know a distraught father trying to contact his dead kids through a spirit box is set upon by a ghost. Plus there's a super creepy portrait in the attic bedroom painted by one of the kids who died.

The Asher's think this will be a good place for their son Evan.  He must have some problems since his parents are worried and he's shown with a bottle of medication.  What's wrong with Evan? No idea since none of this is ever referenced again.

One night Even goes walking in the woods and meets Sam, a crying teenage girl who lives with her abusive dad. Later that night Evan wakes up to find Sam in his bed. She tells him she's been in the house before and knows how to get in.  Like all teenage boys, Evan thanks the Lord and doesn't question the pretty girl in his bed.

Evan's mother proves to have questionable parenting skills when the next morning, Evan and Sam tromp down from upstairs.  She politely introduces herself and doesn't ask any questions.  In fact, Sam essentially moves in since she spends most nights with Evan and seems to be in the house during the day as well. Still no sign of concern from the parents, or questions as to what the hell Evan thinks he's doing.

Things start going bad when Sam brings Evan through the little door in his attic bedroom, which reveals a large empty room where the spirit box was hidden by the Morello's, the last family to live there. No one shall ask why Evan isn't suspicious about this, or why the teens continue to use the box after a creepy voice is heard, and Evan's family asks them not to use it anymore. Oh so it's okay for a girl you just met to move into your sons room, but those nonexistent ghosts are not to be messed with?

Soon every things going wrong and the kids think the best way to figure out what to do with the box is to track down Mrs. Morello... the only survivor from the family who previously lived there. Yes, she'd love to talk about her dead family and the spirit box hidden in the attic.

The ending is a bit convoluted, and as usual I'm left wondering why ghosts always take revenge on those who had nothing to do with their deaths, but just happened to buy the wrong house.  The film is more about atmosphere than blood and gore.  There are some creepy scenes but nothing new.  Overall it was okay.

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