Monday, September 15, 2014

Hellrasier: Revelations (2011)

Total jerk Nico decides to take his best friend Steven on a secret trip to Mexico so they can get laid, party hard, and see a donkey show.  This is pretty lame considering Nico is dating Stevens sister.

The two carouse in the bars, get drunk, and meet a dirty man with crazy hobo speak who offers them a strange box.  Inexplicably they've overlooked the most important rule of going to Mexico which is don't accept gifts from creepy hobos.  Soon the girl they picked up in the bar is dead, and Pinhead is scraping the life from their souls.

A year later, Stevens family is still depressed over his disappearance. His gym bag was returned from Mexico, not sure how and surprisingly nothing was stolen.  The bag holds a pile of porn, the video tape of their adventures, and the mystery box.  His mom is so distraught that she doesn't throw out the porn, and oddly enough she keeps watching the tape of the boys  debauchery.  Lucky for us his sister decides to mess with the damn box, which results in Steven appearing, and the whole family dinner party with Nico's parents going all wiggedy whack.

The movie jumps around with multiple flashbacks. It probably would've been more effective to just tell the story rather than plop it piecemeal into the movie.  And the beginning is so quick that they're driving to Mexico and boom Pinhead is sticking hooks in someones face.  There's no timeline or even an explanation until later in the movie.  Doug Bradley is not Pinhead, so the character just looks weird which is distracting. An imitation of Pinhead is not the same as Pinhead.  And did we really need a ninth chapter of Hellraiser? Hell no, not if it's this.

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