Monday, September 1, 2014

Night Feeders (2006)

First off, realize that this cover is far scarier and far more professional than anything you will see in the film.  With that in mind, please enter the world of Night Feeders.

Four friends head into the woods for a weekend of hunting and camping.  The four are far too old to be driving Mom's car, especially after the driver reveals he's a teacher and has a rock collection that's insured for $200,000.

The first night in the woods, they realize something is watching them. Things get creepy so they decide to drive back to town and return for their belongings in the morning.  But when they  drive into a tree in a panic, they wreck the car.  Now the closest hope of help is a home two miles up the road.

After trying to find a phone and safety in the house, they notice what appears to be aliens outside and try to figure out how they're going to survive the night, as well as how to escape.

I'm not sure why these people always insist on burying anyone who dies. When you go into the woods with three other people, come back alone and there are three fresh graves left behind, no one is going to believe it's aliens.  Also you'd hate to be the woman married to the old guy who hears someone come in the house, hears his wife scream, and  hides in the closet with a gun. Good job letting your wife die, old man.

The movie starts off with an extremely sad looking cgi meteorite landing on Earth.  The aliens are also cgi and don't blend well with the scenes.  While I'm sure they're better than anything I could do, they're not good enough to maintain any sense that they're actually in the same place.

There is a character named Donnie who sounds like Larry the Cable Guy and is often hard to understand.  Perhaps the accent is easier if you're from the South.  Although the movie was made fairly recently, it has the feel of something made during the time prior to when everyone had access to video cameras and editing software - and that's a good thing.

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