Saturday, January 24, 2015

Demons (1985)

A weirdo with a shiny silver mask on half his face stalks a woman through the subway.  When he finally catches her, he hands her a ticket to a movie. As she watches her creepy follower walk away,  he continues handing out tickets to other passersby.

Later that night a crowd gathers at the Metropol, a formerly abandoned theater that has just been reopened.  In the lobby are various decorations, including a motorbike with a strange mask hanging off it.  When a woman who looks like Rick James tries on the mask, she nicks her cheek which starts to bleed.

The film turns out to be a horror flick where teenagers go into a tomb, and find a mask that looks just like the one in the lobby. When the guy in the film tries it on, he nicks his face, and soon changing into a demon.  Female Rick James notices her cheek is bleeding again and gets very nervous.

Before you know it, there's a demon in the restroom and someone has been attacked. This is not a good sign for the rest of the patrons since the demon follows zombie rules - if you're bitten or scratched by a demon, you'll become a demon.

So get ready for demons running all over the theater. When the crowd tries to escape, they discover the front doors locked and no way out.  They all scatter, trying figure out how to survive until hopefully help arrives.  There is also a brief subplot about four druggie kids who steal a car and end up hiding in the theater to evade the cops.

Most of the movie is people running through the theater, screaming, and demons drooling green goo. At one point, the motorbike comes into play.   I'm still wondering why the blind guy went to the theater since his companion had to describe what was on the screen.  Overall this is a ridiculous movie with gross demons. As with most Italian horror flicks, it leaves you feeling weird at the end.

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