Sunday, January 18, 2015

It Came From Somewhere Else (1988)

An unidentified flying object lands in the woods at the edge of the small town of Grand Bosh. While the teenage boys go off to see what crashed in the woods, the girls are stranded by the side of the road and later kidnapped by aliens.

The town suddenly develops a problem with spontaneous combustion. So the Sheriff puts in a call to the government and an expert arrives in town. He's not all that useful though, and ends up drunk.

The town is overrun with strange goings on.  The local doctor believes in x-raying everyone who comes in for treatment, and shoots more than one hundred x-rays at a sitting.  There are human hands growing in a field at the edge of town, and when local youths run over an officer who has cordoned off the crash site, the man is none the worse for wear.  The aliens wear karate gi's and know kung fu. Plus for some unexplained reason everyone in town, including the Sheriff, hates the Buckner family, especially Mr. Buckher.

This is one bizarre movie.  Shot in black and white with an occasional burst of color when someone is shot or aliens arrive, this is probably going to have a narrow appeal.  It's a spoof of 1950s sci-fi movies and the comedy is fairly predictable for much of the movie.  But there are some funny scenes and lines.

When I first started watching it, I wasn't sure if I should invest my time.  The comedy was flat and while there were some decent ideas, it was just an amateur movie spoofing bad movies.  But as it went on, there were things that made me laugh. The overall strange tone of the movie kind of grabbed me. Sure, much of the comedy will make you groan, but there is some funny stuff.  Overall, glad I watched it.

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