Sunday, January 4, 2015

Doom (2005)

After a research facility on Mars issues a distress call, a crack team of marines arrives on a rescue mission.  The military unit is commanded by Sarge and each of his crew seems to have a nickname.  No one shall ask how a crack squad of marines ended up with a hesitant new guy who is sure to put the group in peril. This point is hammered home when the timid guy asks  for some drugs to calm down. Because if there's one thing you want when you respond to a distress call, it's a scared newbie on random drugs.

When they arrive at the station, fellow solider Reaper discovers his sister is involved in the researchers.  She informs the squad that she'll be going with them so she can download the research data.  Reaper balks since this is a rescue mission.  But Sarge confirms their job is multifaceted and includes getting the data.

The group spreads out in an attempt to locate the doctors who were working and finds the man who made the call for help.  But an attack by a strange creature slows their progress, and then the bloodied doctor disappears from sick bay.  Something has gone horribly wrong at the research facility and the group must try to complete their mission without getting killed by the monsters that seem to be roaming the building.

The movie has similarities to Resident Evil in which a rescue mission goes into a locked down research facility and needs to extract data.  Doom was not a success when it was released, but it's okay for a mindless action movie.

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