Saturday, January 10, 2015

Phase 7 (2011)

Coco and his pregnant wife Pipi arrive home from grocery shopping without noticing that the world around them seems to be going crazy. They're so wrapped up in their conversation that they miss the car crashes, people running through the streets, and general feeling that something major is happening.

Later that night, Coco is called down to the lobby where he sees men in hazmat suits outside.  Coco and the other residents are notified that their building is under quarantine due to a virus.  The remaining tenants are advised to stay in their apartments and not socialize, just in case any of them have the virus.  A doctor comes by to check everyone to see if they seem to be infected and they are given a number to call if they need help.

As food supplies dwindle, the tenants start teaming up and some decide to get rid of anyone who might be sick.  One night Coco sees two men trying to convince an elderly neighbor to open his door so they can check on his health, but the men have hammers behind their backs.  Eventually there are two factions in the building, plus the elderly neighbor who has decided to brandish a gun.

The movie revolves around Coco and the survival in those left in the building.  The plot has a similar feel to Rec since it takes place in an apartment building where a group of people are quarantined.  There aren't zombies and there's less tension since they just need to stay away from other tenants, which means they can stay in their apartments with the door locked.  So if you're expecting zombies you'll be disappointed, but it's not bad.

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