Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

Of all the Syfy movies, Sharknado is probably one of the better ones.  It's ridiculous premise is actually matched by the ridiculous scenes unfolding throughout the movie. So it's better than most of their films that have great titles, but nothing particularly going on within the film.

Finn and his wife April travel to New York to promoter her new book on surviving shark attacks. On the way - what are the odds - they encounter another Sharknado. In fact, it almost seems like they are being stalked by a shark who is out for revenge.

In an opening segment right out of Airplane - including a camera by Robert Hays as the pilot - Finn has a Twilight Zone moment when he sees a shark outside the plane.  No one believes that sharks are outside the windows unit they start crashing into the plan, screaming down the aisle of the plane, and removing peoples heads.

When April tries to shoot a flying shark, it bites off her hand. But luckily Finn is able to take control of the plane, land it safely, and get her in an ambulance.  While she's en route to the hospital, Finn goes off to meet his sister and her family at a ball game.  The lead singer from Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath, plays Finn's brother-in-law. So you know that's going to.... probably make Tara Reid feel a little more comfortable about her wonky acting.

Once Finn finds his relatives, they must try get across town to meet up with April.  Surprisingly, even though April lost part of her arm earlier in the day, she's up and dressed and out the door to meet up with her clan.  The rest of the movie is tons of cameos, while Finn and his family try to get to safety and NYC is inexplicably hit by a Sharnado.

Honestly I hope they keep making Sharknado movies.  These movies are so ridiculous that they're pretty enjoyable.  But statistically, the more sequels, the worse they get.  But if they start out ridiculous, you just need to find a way to keep that going.   And I'm hoping they get to Sharknado 10... in Space. Nothing says crazy like sharks in space. Ian Ziering has revived his career and he actually fits this role.  Mark from Sugar Ray... not so much.  But then again, Ziering, Tara Reid and the guy from Sugar Ray might be a cheesy enough buddy shark fighting team that it just might work.

Watch for the scene where Tara's bitten off arm shows up again, which is ridiculous enough, but the arm length doesn't match the length that was bitten off. So that's kind of amusing. Continuity error or they just didn't care? Also watch for the Evil Dead circular saw blade in place of a hand.

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