Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Silk (2006)

Hashimoto, the head of a paranormal research team, has been researching antigravity. While the antigravity isn't going that well, the team has something called the Menger Sponge, which is material that absorbs energy. They've used this to capture a ghost and keep him in a small room.  When the ghost boy reaches for the doorknob, which has sponger on it, he is unable to get past.

In order to further their research, Hashimoto requests dynamo policeman Tung be assigned to his team.  Tung is adept at reading lips and believes he'll be able to tell them what the ghost is saying.  But Tung's mother is very ill and he's not that interested at first. He soon changes his mind.

Hashimoto believes the key to determining who the boy is, and why he is still there is to discover what he's saying.  The team are also curious whether the boy can interact with humans or just  repeats the same actions over and over. Hashimoto is particularly interested in discovering the secrets of the ghost world. He's crippled, his diabetes is getting worse, and he wants to know whats going to happen after death.

This is another movie where the trailer was really interesting and the movie was okay. The one new concept I can't recall seeing in any other horror movie is that it's not a good idea to urinate on a ghost.  They really don't like it.

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