Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I, Frankenstein (2014)

After his wife is murdered, Victor Frankenstein treks into the frozen Arctic to get revenge on his monster and freezes to death in the process.  The monster Frankenstein carries him back to the family graveyard and is attacked by demons. But just as it looks like he might be losing the battle, a couple of gargoyles swoop down and vanquish the demons.  Hoo boy, so basically if you're into the classic Frankenstein novel by Shelly, you're going to be thinking, what the freaking hell is this?

The gargoyles take the monster - a hunky, muscular, artfully scarred man - to their headquarters to meet spiritual leader Leanore, who promptly christens him Adam.  Leanore explains that, unknown to the humans, there is an ongoing battle between demons and gargoyles.  Some of the gargoyles want to kill the monster Adam, but Leanore invites him to join them. He declines, and is provided with weapons to vanquish the demons and send them to hell.

Two hundred years later, Adam and his square jaw are still wandering the Earth.  He hasn't died or aged, which is amazing since he's made of dead bodies.   It's not clear why he wouldn't be subject to the same physical deterioration of the living or dead.

When Adam has a run in with demons at a night club (yes, that's right), a police officer is killed and one demon escapes to notify tycoon Charles Wessex that Adam is back in town.  Wessex has a team of scientists researching reanimation and is currently experimenting on rats.  But unknown to the scientists, Wessex is actually the head demon and there are thousands of corpses waiting for the chance to be reanimated. Once this happens, they can destroy the gargoyles and take over the world.  Meanwhile, Adam has gotten a haircut to increase his hunk factor.

If he can get his hands on either Adam, or Victor Frankenstein's diary, his scientists should be able to determine why Adam is still alive and how he was successfully reanimated. So the chase is on. There's lots of CGI and lots of Adam sneaking around, such as monsters do.

I can't say it's a good movie, but it was entertaining.  There's not much to the plot, and it's way too serious for it's own good.  At times it felt like a pilot for a TV show.

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