Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Demons 2 (1986)

If you haven't seen Demons,  it's nicely summed up by saying  demons run amuck in a theater.  Demons 2 tells us that the demons were eventually defeated, although they don't provide any info regarding how.

Demons 2 takes place in a high-rise apartment building, where half the tenants seem to be watching a movie about demons. Could there be a another demon attack, asks the movie? We're about to find out.  Among the apartment dwellers are a young couple going to be parents, a group of weight lifters, a child left at home alone, a prostitute meeting a customer, and a group of teens having a birthday party where they do 80s dance moves while listening to the Smiths.

Apparently making a movie about demons enables demons to come out of the TV, if they see someone staring at them, which Sally is doing instead of fraternizing with her friends.  No one shall ask why Sally doesn't turn the tv off, unplug it, smash it, or push the tv up against something so the demon can't get out of the screen. But then again, if Sally hadn't been a big sulking baby at her own birthday party, sitting alone in her room watching a movie about demons, then none of this would have happened.

Soon Sally has a demon face and is wreaking havoc on her friends, who also become demons.  With demon teens rampaging through the building, people try to escape, hide in their apartments, and hope to survive.  The building has bullet proof, double paned glass, and since the electricity in the building is out, the doors won't open. So everyone is locked in with the demons, including the weight lifters who are so into pumping iron that they are working out in the dark.

This is very similar to Demons.  People are locked in a building with demons, except it's a bigger building with more places to hide, and more victims who can become demons. Like the first movie, there is a car full of obnoxious who have a loose connection to the plot.  There is no explanation for how a demon could get through a TV screen.  I enjoyed the first part of the movie best due to the teens at their party, with the yellow couch, dance moves,  and songs right out of college radio.

80s dance party with the Smith's. 
Demon coming through the TV? Well that's going to ruin the party.
Is this really a happy birthday?
There might be something wrong with your dog.
At this point, a puppet makes an appearance
The awkwardly stiff, non-moving flying puppet

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