Saturday, January 3, 2015

Book of Blood (2009)

Ghosts have highways that intersect, and at these intersections, spirits sometimes cross over into our world.  So goes the opening and closing scenes, bookending the story of the investigation of a home where years before a teenage girl was murdered while alone in her locked attic room.

A hired killer has been paid by a collector to procure the skin of a young man with unique scarring.  The young mans skin is so different from anything he's ever seen that our killer offers a deal to the young man.  He will have a quick, relatively painless death if he tells the man his story.  The young man agrees.

Dr. Mary Florescu and her assistant Reg are investigating reported paranormal activity at the now deserted house were a murder previously occurred.  Mary is a Professor at a local University and recognizes her new student Simon as the prior child media sensation who had a premonition regarding the death of his brother.

Mary believes Simon would be an asset to their investigation and that he'd be a good conduit for any supernatural entities in the house.  Reg is skeptical, but when there are multiple supernatural occurrences the first two nights, Mary is convinced they have made contact. She also starts having dreams about Simon and becomes a bit obsessed with him. Hey the guy sleeps in the nude and isn't shy about stripping down in front of her.  Reg is not amused and believes that Simon may not be on the level.  But Mary has lost perspective and won't tolerate any of Reg's suspicions since she believes Simon is providing the connection that lets the spirits access their world.

I had never heard of this movie, but my friends rented it. The movie was pretty good. It is more atmospheric than gory, although there are a few gross scenes.

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