Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blade in the Dark (1983)

Composer Bruno is hired to score a horror movie. He rents a quiet villa so he can concentrate on his craft, but women keep popping up on the property.  First Katia tumbles out of a closet in the hallway, which is not what someone expects when they've rented a house.  The next day Katia's roommate comes  looking for her since Katia never returned home. But her concern for Katia is quickly set aside when Bruno tells her she can continue to use the pool as she did with the previous tenant.

Bruno gets back to writing music, but there are strange noises in the house, the semi-creepy caretaker dragging around giant bags of trash, whispered voices captured on his tape recorder, some blood in the bathroom, and blood on his pants leg. As if this isn't enough, his girlfriend shows up unexpectedly and there is something not right about her.

When Bruno mentions that he believes someone has killed the girls, the caretaker and his girlfriend think he's crazy.  There's no sign of anything being amiss.  But there is definitely something wrong at the villa, as evidenced by the scenes of a mystery killer who uses a blade and drags his victims off into the night.  So is the killer the caretaker?  Bruno's girlfriend? The woman writer of the film who won't show Bruno the last reel, (which begs the question ,how is he going to score it?) Or could it be Laura, the woman who rented the villa before Bruno, and moved out in a hurray?  And why is everyone being killed?

The dubbing in the movie is sometimes strange, especially the opening scene where three boys go into a building in a cemetery, and dare one boy to go into the basement with the awkward taunt, "You're a female, you're a female, you're a female."  I certainly hope this was due to the dubbing rather than this strange chant being the original dialogue.

I find Italian horror disturbing, and the movies leave me with a bad feeling.  I did enjoy the music though.  The movie gets slow at times, and although the killer isn't revealed until the end, you should be able to figure it out.

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