Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles (2012)

Craig, girlfriend Tracy, and buddy Derek canoe out to an island to go camping.  Tracy is surprised to discover there are no restrooms on the island - she's not too bright - and decides to stop at the lone house to ask if she can use their bathroom.
Yes, because if there's one thing people love when they live alone on an island, it's when strangers show up at the door wanting to use the toilet.

No one is home, but she finds a key and goes inside. Craig is upset that she broke in, but Tracy scoffs and tells him to lighten up.  Later that night, the group decides to stay in the house after a lightening storm rolls in over the lake. Derek and Tracy waste no time in making themselves at home.

When the homeowners show up the next day, the kids hide in the basement and find dead bodies that look just the like the couple who've arrived at the house.  Things get even more confusing when the three kids see clones of themselves on the island. What the heck is going on?

Well, it's pretty easy to figure out what's going on right from the opening scene when a crud encrusted hand reaches out of the cesspool near the island house.   But if you can't figure it out, then wait for the  explanation later in the film which involves a scientist from the Manhattan Project who used to own the island home.

Tracy is a terrible girlfriend, and treats Craig badly.  All of them are kind of annoying and they turn out to be fairly dense. When they decide they need a way to tell the real kids from their clones, they come up with the brilliant phrase Marco Polo.  So if I'm in a crowd and someone says Marco, you know what I'm going to say or think? That's right, Polo.  Honestly, try sharing a brain sometime, or at least coming up with something a bit more obscure.

So not the best or most interesting film, and overall it's disappointing.  The one bright point is the little twist right at the end, which is well deserved.

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