Friday, February 27, 2015

Hayride (2102)

A prisoner being transported by the police escapes into the woods on the day before Halloween near a farm that is preparing for it's annual Halloween hayride.  Well. this doesn't bode well for anyone, does it. Also, this is the only hayride I've ever heard of that only has rides the day of Halloween.

Steven, who grew up on the farm, is visiting from college with his girlfriend Amanda.  He meets up with the group setting up the hayride and they relax for the night. Around the campfire, his Uncle Morgan tells the legend of Pitchfork, a farmer who wanders the woods looking for his runaway daughter, and uses a pitchfork to kill anyone he meets.  Oddly enough, Pitchforks first murder is done with a cleaver. (Also note on the cover, he's carrying a chainsaw).

On Halloween night, the hayride is packed. But someone is killing the workers as they hide in the woods waiting for their cues.  I'm sorry, but a fat man wearing a burlap sack over his head while walking through the woods at night is not going to be stealthy.  I suspect it would sound like a rhino tromping through the forest, with sticks breaking under every step.  It's not very likely that he could sneak up on numerous people and easily murder them.

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