Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Ganzfeld Haunting (2013)

Four students are assigned to work together on a psychology project.  They choose to replicate the Ganzfeld Experiment, which involves extra sensory perception and projecting ones thoughts to another person.

The group consists of: Becket whose parents own the abandoned house they are using for the experiment; Eliot who is responsible for the equipment; Lucky who is an unlikeable pain in the ass with an endless supply of cocaine; and Graves who is excited about the free drugs.

Graves is the first subject for the experiment.  The others sit in another room, while one of them tries to get Graves to realize that the flickering monitor in the room displays a certain playing card.  But instead of seeing the card, he starts seeing visions of his father who is deceased.  Becket decides to go next and she sees two little girls and lots of blood.

The group is freaked out and thinks they may be having visions of something that happened in the house.  Then again, it could just be the effect of all the hard liquor, cocaine, and marijuana, as well as the sleep deprivation, since none have slept in over 24 hours.  So basically they're in no shape to do their experiment, any data they get is unscientific and invalid.  So  they're all going to fail Psych.

The movie consists mostly of the four characters doing drugs, drinking, smoking pot, having sexual encounters and yelling at each other.  Oh, and every once in awhile they wander upstairs and someone catches a glimpse of a ghost.  But it doesn't really do anything so there isn't any reason to really be concerned.

Bill Zane has a brief role as Graves father, but he's only in flashbacks trying to be philosophical, and  only succeeding in being boring.  Why, Billy Zane, why?  And how many little baggies of coke does Lucky have in her bag?  And why do Eliot and Becket start doing coke when they showed disgust for it earlier in the film?  And how come no one is smart enough to realize that the use of drugs makes their experiment invalid?  Why, movie, why?

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