Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stitches (2012)

A jerk clown named Stitches is hired for a childs birthday party. and half heartedly tries to entertain some jerk kids.  Stitches isn't a likable fellow. He arrives late, calls the child's mother ugly,  and even the politest childen in the world would have a problem watching this guy.  Unfortunately he's working with a bunch of jerk kids treat him like crap, mock him, and unintentionally cause his death. So... who are we supposed to route for?

Six year later, Tom's got the house to himself on his birthday and his friend posts an online invite for everyone to come to Tom's for a party.  While not happy about this unexpected turn of events, it does give him an opportunity to invite Kate, a girl he's been sweet on since she kissed him at his tenth birthday...and then the clown died, which is going to put a kink in any friendship.

On the night of the party,  as it goes into full swing, Stitches rises from the ground and checks out an invitation which just happens to have blown onto his grave.  Since no clown can rest if they don't finish their performance at a party, Stitches is back - except this time he's looking for revenge.

It's hard to root for anyone in this film.  While a couple of the teens seem okay now, they were horrible little kids. And there's no liking Stitches because he's a disgusting human being and a lame ass clown.  His one liners aren't funny and you wish he'd kill some of the more annoying characters in the film.  Also even though the kids are terrible to Stitches, his death was an accident.   How about going after Mom, since she's the one who left the dishwasher open with the huge knife pointing up.

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