Sunday, February 8, 2015

Creepshow 2 (1987)

Horror anthology with three segments and a wrap around featuring a kid reading a horror comic thrown off a delivery truck by a creepy old guy.  The wrap around starts as live action, but then becomes a cartoon for the rest of the film.  I'm not a big fan of anthologies because they tend to be hit or miss.  But this one was pretty good.

The three segments are:

Old Chief Woodenhead
The Spruces own a general store in a dying town.  Martha wants to close up shop since most of the people in town buy on credit and aren't making payments.  A representative of the local Native American tribe drops off a package of each families most sacred jewelry as collateral.

Right after that, some local toughs rob the store and threaten the Spruces with a shotgun.  The outcome is not good and the wooden Indian out front enacts his revenge against those who have wronged the Spruces.

The Raft
Four college students go to an isolated lake where the raft hasn't been pulled in for the winter.  As they swim out to it, one of the guys notices a bird on the water getting pulled under.  Once on the raft, he sees a strange looking area in water that seems to be moving towards them.

One guy urges the girls to swim faster because something seems wrong. But the others decide it's just an oil slick, even though it looks strange and seems to move on it's own volition. Their decision proves to be unwise since it turns out to be something sinister, sticky, and with a hunger the living.

The Hitchhiker
A woman who is cheating on her husband leaves for home later than she planned and is worried about what to tell her husband.  As she's thinking about what sort of lie she could get away with, she drops her cigarette and loses control of her car, hitting a hitchhiker.  Not sure what to do, she eventually speeds off when she hears other cars approaching.  But since this is a horror movie, she's not going to get away with it that easy.

Watch for a Stephen King cameo as the truck driver.

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