Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nightwish (1990)

Four undergrad students studying dreams head out to meet their graduate professor at an isolated house rumored to have paranormal activity.  The professor does some tests and messes with their heads. Soon there's a bunch of ectoplasm on the scene. In a unique approach to paranormal ectoplasmic activity, one of the girls decides the proper way to handle this is to beat it with her purse.

It's always a bad idea to be driven to an isolated location.  If anything goes wrong, oh like your professor is out of his freakin' gourd, then there's no way to get back to town. But these kids realize that too late as they're wondering if their professor is playing tricks on them, they're hallucinating, or there is actually supernatural activity before them.

Watch for the bandage on Jack's hand which moves to the opposite hand, and back again.

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