Saturday, February 21, 2015

Office of the Dead (2009)

Software engineers Ben and Roy are working on a project for Life Corp. They want to make a program where negative thoughts can be replaced with positive thoughts, leaving the person happier and more productive. But the experiment doesn't go as planned and their co-worker, who is their guinea pig, ends up feeling strange.

Their boss decides to bring in some consultants to take over the project, which alarms Ben since they aren't aware of the problem with the program.  The consultants also don't see that good with code, since they remove and change parts of it, which results in the next subject becoming a zombie.  With the building in lock down, Ben, Roy and some co-workers try to avoid the zombies until help can arrive.

This is a low budget zombie movie, and the only one worth watching on this DVD pack.  Surprisingly there is no blood in the movie. But since it's focus is comedy rather than horror, it's not that big a deal.  It's an average flick and decent for such a low budget.

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