Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SOS: Save Our Skins (2014)

Ben and Stephen travel to New York City for a Sci-Fi convention, and wake up to discover everyone has disappeared.  The television only plays static, none of their friends or family are answering their phones, and Internet news sites haven't been updated in hours. The convention center is empty, there are no guests in the hotel, and even the streets are deserted.

Wondering if the city was evacuated or if some horrible event made everyone disappear, the two friends post an online video hoping to connect with other survivors who might know what's going on.  When they get a response, they set out on a road trip, but it's hard to know if they can really trust anyone since there are monsters and weirdos out there.

The comedy is uneven at times, but overall it was amusing and there were times it made me laugh out loud.  As with any comedy-horror hybrid from Britain, people tend to compare it to Shaun of the Dead, but they shouldn't.  It's a decent film and the two get into ridiculous situations.  Some are cringe worthy, and at the end I found myself drifting a bit with the resolution, but it was a decent film.

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