Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Murder Mansion (1972)

aka Maniac Mansion, aka La mansión de la niebla

Various characters in multiple vehicles end up crashing, going off the road, or stopping due to a horribly thick fog. All of them end up at a mysterious mansion next to a cemetery.  The young woman who owns the house advises them not to leave until the morning when the fog should be gone.

When her guests ask about the portrait of an older woman above the mantel who resembles her, she explains is is her grandmother who was thought to be a witch. Her grandmother and chauffeur were killed one night when their car crashed into a wall.  She also mentions the town being abandoned after a rash of vampire incidents, but no one seems all that concerned about any of this news - other than the woman who was slowly chased by the chauffeur and old lady.

There are also some flashbacks to the roaring twenties parties that her grandmother used to have during the houses heyday.  But I can't tell you much about this movie since it couldn't hold my interest.

I picked up this movie on Chilling Classics, one of those 50 movie packs which means the picture is full screen and the quality of what you'd see if they were showing it on late night TV in the 1980s - soft and washed out.

When I started watching it, I realized I'd seen it before, but I couldn't remember much about it. After seeing it again, I realized that I didn't remember much because it didn't hold my interest.  I'm still not sure what happened after they decided to go to bed. There's a hidden passageway, wrestling with the ghost chauffeur, guests start dying, and someones got daddy issues.

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