Monday, March 17, 2014

A Haunting at Silver Falls (2013)

After the death of her father, high school student Jordan moves to a small town to live with her Aunt Anne and Uncle Kevin.  She starts dating nerdy good guy Larry, whose glasses take up half his face, and who tells her about the legend of Silver Falls being haunted.

After finding a ring in the woods and getting it stuck on her finger, Jordan starts having terrible nightmares, which isn't surprising since the ring belongs to a dead, gooey, ghost girl.  The girl tries to pull the ring off Jordan's finger and even resorts to putting Jordan's finger in her mouth, leaving a bunch of slime on it.  Bleech!

Anne and Kevin start thinking Jordan is a trouble maker after finding some of their things hidden in Jordan's room and pictures knocked over in the house.  Then they prove to be the worst guardians ever when they lock her in the bathroom while they go out on their date night.  At first they seemed awkward, which is understandable when becoming a guardian of a relative you don't know. But now that the awkwardness has worn off, they're just jerks.

Soon Jordan is seeing the ghost and everyone thinks she's crazy.  Larry's dad is a psychiatrist, and Anne sends her to see him. Nothing awkward about that.  And we haven't even delved into the strange things that have happened in town over the years including other ghost sightings.

This started off slow, got more interesting towards the middle, and then changed genres near the end, which was annoying.  There were a number of red herrings and some standard cliches, such as discarding your weapon when you're confronted by the killer. Overall it was entertaining, although it doesn't have the scares you'd expect from the DVD cover.  But it will leave you with questions such as, if the ghost was working at getting the ring off Jordan's finger then why did it go back on once Larry got it off?  Or what did Robbie know about what was going on, and why did she have to meet at Silver Falls?  Did he really know something or was he just a creepy teen setting up a creepy assault?  Why didn't Larry buy smaller glasses?

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